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Hi there! As you may have discovered by now, my name is Megha and I live in the vibrant island nation of Singapore. I am a native of a small suburb of Udupi city, located near Manipal in the state of Karnataka in Southern India but I belong to Mysore, a city that I have an immeasurable and everlasting love for. 

I was born in Oldham in England and spent my early childhood in different towns and cities in England. A few years later, my family moved to the Middle East, a dramatic event that culminated in blissfully happy memories of life in Saudi Arabia and subsequently Bahrain. I was an eight year old girl in pigtails when my parents decided to settled down in Mysore and I spent the ensuing years in my hometown I so dearly love.

I graduated in 2006 with a degree in dentistry, got married to a wonderful guy soon after and found myself in Singapore. I love everything about Singapore (baring the weather!). To me, it is a buzzing city, full of color and culture. As a fresh graduate, my career prospects didn't look very promising at the time due to issues with validation of foreign degrees so I made the unconventional choice to move on to the field of biomedical research - a decision I've never regretted.

In 2014, me and my husband were graced with a double blessing as we welcomed our fraternal twin girls into the world. Our precious daughters added the perfect finishing touch to our little family. After taking a career break and being a stay-at-home-mommy to our girls for 18 months, I got back to working full-time as a Research Associate in Cancer Research.

Singapore has given me a lot of things - it welcomed me as a new bride, gave me resident status, a Master's degree, my first job, a lovely home of my own, the opportunity to travel, wonderful friends and most importantly our two little angels. I have a lot to be grateful to this wonderful country for. 

I have always been fascinated with food. As a teenager, when most of my peers were watching MTV, Channel V or sappy movies, I would be glued to the television watching cookery shows with a notepad in my hand and a pen tucked away behind my ear. I dabbled in a little bit of experimental cooking as a teenager which paved the way for my culinary journey as an adult. Fortunately, my enthusiasm for cooking not only continued but intensified as time elapsed. My husband has willingly rendered his excellent services as a guinea pig for all my kitchen antics since the day we were married! Luckily for me, both my mum and my MIL are fabulous cooks so I didn't have to look elsewhere for inspiration. When I'm not at work or spending time with my daughters, I spend a large chunk of my free time cooking and experimenting with new dishes.

Besides cooking, I have many other interests such as watching movies, listening to music, reading, shopping, outdoor activities, exploring good restaurants and traveling. Marriage opened my eyes to a whole new range of cuisine, culture, experiences, books and cinema which I can honestly say has enriched my life. The man in my life has been the one who kept pushing me towards blogging recognizing my penchant for writing so thanks for that hon

Thanks for being part of my world...


More about my blog...

My food…
I cook only vegetarian food at home and I think the most amazing aspect of Indian cuisine is the kind of variety that you have in vegetarian dishes. I alternate between cooking both South-Indian and North-Indian dishes. The South-Indian dishes I cook are mainly of the Shivalli Madhwa brahmin style with traditional recipes that have been carried forward from generations. I have gathered most of these recipes either from my mum or MIL (whoever used to be available on the phone at the moment of need!). The North-Indian dishes I make are from a variety of sources - family, friends, TV shows, books and the internet. I love Chaats (Indian street food) and I do make them frequently at home. Apart from Indian cuisine which I naturally think is one of the greatest cuisines in the world, I love Italian, Mexican, Thai and Middle Eastern cuisine (in that order). The husband is the more adventurous one who dabbles in the experimental re-creation of exotic International dishes (with varying degrees of success may I add!). 

Baking is something I've pursued not too long ago and I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying it. I would like to see myself in the future as somewhat of a baking aficionado! I love freshly baked bread and western desserts so most of my baking revolves round assorted breads and sweet bakes. I've only started to experiment with savory bakes. I hope that I can expand my baking repertoire and churn out some truly drool-worthy creations!

My travels…
For me, traveling is not just an indulgence or choice but a necessity of life. It is a facet of my personality and something that gives me indescribable joy. I have always fantasized about becoming a travel show host. Samantha Brown....how I envy you!

Both me and my husband look forward to going on holidays whenever we can. Living in Singapore means that we are just an arm's length away from several neighboring Southeast Asian countries. After we got married, I had plenty of opportunities to fulfill my travel fix - a cruise along the South China sea, trips to Malaysia, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mauritius and USA. There was a much anticipated holiday to Japan which unfortunately got cancelled in March of 2011 (due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster) but I am determined that the trip will happen someday!

My dream is to travel all over the world. I want to spend time hiking through Europe, go on safari in Africa, enjoy the natural beauty of New Zealand, experience the culture of South America and soak in the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. 

Ah....some day!

My photography…
I am hugely embarrassed when people ask me about my photography. Although all the food photographs in my blog are my own handiwork, I think I have a looooong way to go before I can call myself a good photographer. For the longest time, I was perfectly content with my pink (and very girly!) Sony cybershot point and shoot camera but ever since I began experimenting with my (actually my his) Canon 40D, there has been no turning back. I use a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens which is great for close range photography. I consider myself quite technologically challenged so I don't play around much with the settings on the camera except for the white balance and shutter speed. The only skill I have perfected so far is to hold the camera very still and that is only because I'm too lazy to get out the tripod!

My food pics have been getting accepted in food websites of the caliber of Foodgawker and Tastespotting so I consider that as a step in the right direction. I still have no clue about food styling but I've started browsing food galleries and magazines for inspiration and ideas. I've also discovered the joy of shopping for food styling props! Hopefully I can make my food appear more interesting and appetizing in the future. 

The kind of movies and books I like…
Instead of telling you what subject matter I like, I think it would be easier to tell you what I don't like. There is only one genre of books and movies that I am not into and that is Horror. I despise anything with vampires, werewolves, aliens, possessed animals/people and anything creepy/bloody/excessively hairy/gruesome looking. Although my husband bullies me into watching a horror movie now and then (with Stephen King being his favorite author and all), over time, I have gotten acquainted with the genre which includes several of King's works. Ironically, my two favorite Stephen King books and movie adaptations are The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile....both completely unrelated to the subject!

We have a mammoth movie collection at home so we watch movies pretty regularly. I am determined to watch all the movies in the IMDb Top 250 list and I'm slowly getting there. The best part is that this list keeps changing with time so there are no dearth of good movies to watch. We also catch the latest Bollywood movies at the cinema as soon as the movie is released  I am open to watching movies of any language (as long as it has sub-titles!).

These are some of my favorite movies:
English: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, 12 Angry Men, City of God, Kill Bill, The Godfather, The Bourne trilogy, The Usual Suspects, ET-Extra terrestrial, Roman Holiday, Rush & The Sound Of Music. 
Hindi: Golmal, Chupke Chupke, Lagaan, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Dil Chahta Hai, Swades, Munna Bhai MBBS, Chak De and Vicky Donor. 

When it comes to books, I don't get as much time to read as I would like to so the book reviews in my blog are limited. Most of my reading I do when I'm on holiday and those are few and far between owing to our hectic schedules. And now that I am a mom of two, I don't know when I'll be able to find the time to read a book! But I've consciously decided to make more time to catch up on my reading. 

These are some of my favorite books:
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone with the Wind, Memoirs of a Geisha, Nothing to Envy, Roots and the Harry Potter series.


They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but in the case of blogging, if it is done without giving credit to the original source, I beg to differ!

I spend a large chunk of my time on background reading, optimizing recipes, cooking and plating, taking photos and penning my thoughts so please do not blatantly copy my work. If you want to try any of my recipes, you are more than welcome to do so but kindly link back to my page. I wouldn't want to be labelled a hypocrite so I make sure that I always provide a link to the website/blog that I am inspired by or adapt a recipe from. In the event that I sincerely don't know the source of a recipe I have followed or in the cases I have borrowed ideas from three or more websites/blogs, I will explicitly say so. I take offense to people receiving undue credit for something that belongs to another. 

All the travel and food related photos and written content on this blog are protected by Singapore Copyright Law and should not be reproduced, published or displayed without prior written permission from me. Information on this blog is not to be used in any form of publishing on other websites, commercial purposes or other media without my explicit permission.

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  1. Hi Megha! This is for the first time i came across such a lovely and detailed about page. Nice to know about you....things u mentioned about yourself is really very interesting. I am also residing in Singapore and I have come here the same year as you do....but I am not working. I have created my blog only last year....Blogging is nice experience so far and I get opportunity almost everyday to meet bloggers from all over the world. Today for the 1st time I come across blog from the same place. Happy Blogging.

  2. Hi Rachna. Thanks for stopping by and for the comments! You have a lovely space. I will explore it in detail sometime :)

  3. Wow such a detailed intro. Hopped over from Rafee's space. Whenever I visit someone's space, about is the first page I go.
    Not a good writer as you, but will definitely come over time to time for your wonderful reads.

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog and couldn't stop reading few posts. :)


  5. Hello Megha
    I dont know how I landed on your blog via google search - but I enjoyed reading MTR blog and planning to visit this weekend. Next when I checked your profile - I found so many connections. I hail from Parkala near Manipal and I'm married to a Dental Specialist for 3 yrs. We are facing the same challenges of being a foreign trained medical professional :(


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