I have called this sunny island nation home for more than 12 years now and over the course of time, I have amassed several experiences in Singapore that I deem worthy of sharing. 

To make it easier for you guys, I have categorized them. Hope someone out there will find it useful! 

This page is new and a work in progress. It will be constantly evolving so do keep popping by to check it out 😊


General information for tourists:
An Overview of the Sight-seeing Places in Singapore

Detailed information on specific attractions:
Botanic Gardens

Foot Reflexology
(A random series of 5 of my favourite things to eat in Singapore)



  1. U haven't mentioned about universal studios , any specific reason

    1. Hi Amar. Although I have been to Universal Studios several times, I have not been able to do a detailed blog post on it. It is on my to-do list!


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