Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sailing across the seas

These pics were taken during a three day holiday in August 2006 aboard the Star Virgo Cruise. The cruise we took was to "no destination" which meant that for three days, we were just sailing across the seas. It worked fine for us as we got to explore the cruise ship for the entire duration! As you walk onto the deck, you listen to the subtle splashing of water, feel the gentle breeze in your hair and take in the fresh salty air....time almost comes to a standstill. Back in the room, you still can't stop gazing at the endless sea. There is just something so incredibly peaceful and alluring about that blue sparkling water...

View from the front deck
The window of our room
Another view

I have always been fascinated with ships ever since I watched the movie Titanic. The idea of a luxury ship containing lavish ballrooms, multiple restaurants, shopping arcades, casinos, pampering spas, game rooms, libraries, swimming pools and much much more seemed incredibly enticing. You need plenty of time if you want to explore every nook and cranny of this humongous ship. There is just so much to do! There is a first time for everything and this cruise marked two firsts for us - gambling and salsa lessons! My hubby has always insisted that he has two left feet but he was much better than I expected and picked up the steps with surprising ease :) In the following days, I even took part in a key-chain making and artificial flower making class. They conduct different classes like these throughout the day.

Grand lobby
Beautiful ceiling
Outdoor pool and jacuzzi
Lounge with a view
Game room

In the late evenings, we got to watch entertaining dance and martial arts based live shows in the spectacular auditorium.

The auditorium

Being a complete foodie, I also had ample opportunities to fill myself up with a variety of scrumptious dishes throughout the day! This continued relentlessly for the next few days and by the time the cruise ended, I had developed a cavalier attitude towards food :P

Taj restaurant

And if all that wasn't enough, we also had a 24-hour hindi movie channel on tv in our room which meant that after a whole day of activity on the cruise, we could came back to the room and catch the latest Bollywood flicks! 

I think a holiday on a cruise is something which everyone should experience in their lifetime. It is truly a memorable experience :)

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