Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My thoughts on the Harry Potter books


I am one of the biggest fans of the genius that is J. K. Rowling. I have been an avid follower of the Harry Potter series ever since I was a teenager. The series has become a worldwide phenomenon and I for one am not remotely surprised. What annoys me the most is when people say that they are too "old" to read Harry Potter and that it is a series meant only for kids. I just can't help rolling my eyes in exasperation! These books ceased to be specifically for children halfway through the series; by Goblet of Fire, Rowling was writing for everyone. In my opinion, grown ups who love the Harry Potter books are people who seriously appreciate good writing. It is almost impossible to ignore the abundance of creativity, imagination and wit that are a trademark of every single book in the series. Rowling is an incredibly gifted story-teller and the magic that she has woven into all her books seems to emanate from them leaving a spellbinding effect on the world. What amazes me is how much thought has been put into the books. The magical jargon, the history of Hogwarts, the lineage of magical families, magical abilities, spell-like effects, dark arts, magical creatures and objects.....I can go on and on! It is just mind boggling.

As most people are aware, the books chronicle the adventures of Harry Potter and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The story traces the trials and tribulations faced by Harry as he time and again comes face to face with the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents in his quest to conquer the wizarding world and subjugate non-magical people/muggles. The first few books that detail the lives of the young wizards and witches in Hogwarts are wonderfully exciting and laced with rib-tickling wit and humor. As the characters grow older, the plot evolves with darker and thrilling twists and turns every step of the way. The transition that Harry, Ron and Hermione undergo from care free, free spirited teenagers to mature, sensible adults is truly remarkable. You cannot help but feel a powerful connection with them and inevitably, you end up rooting for them throughout their journey. For indeed if the series had ended with the death of any of the main characters, I would undoubtedly have been extremely upset!

There are not many writers who have Rowling's ability to make us turn the pages with such ferocity, to sob unabashedly and to laugh uproariously at some very amusing jokes. For all you Harry potter skeptics out there, I hope reading this blog may inspire you to give it a go. I can assure you that once you start reading these books, you simply cannot put them down. They are simply that good!

Have you read these books? If yes, what did you think about them? I would love to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment to let me know....



  1. I totally agree! I'm a hard core fan too... One of my friends was telling me the other day abt his harry potter experience. He was abt to board a train wen he realized that he hadnt brought along a book to read during the journey which was a long one. With just minutes to spare he rushed to the station book store & grabbed the nearest book available which happened to be the philosophers stone. Once he started reading it he just cudnt put it down n at nightfall wen everyone else went to sleep n d lights went out, he sat in the train's loo and finished the book!

  2. nobody is ever EVER too old to read harry potter!!! awesome blog megs :)


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