Saturday, November 16, 2013

Snack Attack: Best Fries Forever, Singapore

Fries just have to be the most loved food on the planet, don't you think? I personally don't know anyone who doesn't like these golden strips of goodness. As for me, fries are something that I could eat every single day without getting fed up. Anytime I pass by KFC, I feel like popping in just to eat their delicious cheese fries. I quite like the fries at Ireland's Potato too. If there is anything better than fries, it is fries that comes along with an assortment of delicious creamy toppings, seasonings and garnishes

The last time we were at the movies, we dropped by Best Fries Forever. We were at Cathay Cineleisure at Orchard which houses one of the three kiosks of this establishment. The huge brightly coloured sign board immediately caught my attention and I thought the name was a pretty clever play on the popular abbreviation BFF.

It is a small kiosk with limited seating at the side but I guess that is okay. When it comes to fries, you really don't need to be sitting down! We started off polishing off the fries standing up (the terrible photos in this post are attributed to that) but mid-way we were able to get seats so we could comfortably finish the rest. 

There are two serving sizes available. The cup you see in the picture below is the regular size ($4.90). It may seem like a small portion but it actually is quite satisfying. For the more gluttonous, you do have the large size as well ($5.90). There are several signature sauces to choose from, each with a very interesting name. If you are not sure which one to order, you can try the samples for the various sauces free of charge (no double dipping obviously!).

The fries are really good - sizzling hot, fresh tasting, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They appear much darker in color compared to the fries you get everywhere else which is probably because at BFF, they leave the potato skins on. Some people probably may not like it but I personally prefer it that way because the skin makes the fries extra crispy. They are made fresh upon placing the order and apparently the potatoes that are used to make the fries are from the US. BFF prides themselves on not using frozen potatoes and preservatives. The fries arrived topped with a decent amount of sauce which initially I thought would not be sufficient to dunk all the fries in but I stand corrected. You can get additional sauce for an extra dollar if that's what you want. 

Gusto Garlic
This is a creamy garlicky sauce that complements the fries really well. I must say this was my favourite!

Friendly Fire
I expected this sauce to be super fiery but the spice level was pretty moderate (or maybe being Indian, my taste buds are remarkably tolerant to spice and hence my opinion doesn't count!). At first, I didn't like this sauce nearly as much as the others but by the time I had chowed down half of the fries, I thought it was good. 

Macho Cheese
I am a sucker for cheese so anything that contains cheese, I am going to love by default! No surprises that I absolutely loved this sauce. But then I again, I hear that this is one of their popular sauces so a majority of people share my opinion.

If you are in the mood for fries, stop by Best Fries Forever. I won't go as far as saying that they are the best fries I've ever had but they are pretty good. I liked the fact that the three sauces that we ordered tasted distinctly different from the other. You can sample their range of sauces before you place your order which is neat. I tried a couple and I thought the B.B Cute (Smoked BBQ) and Ole Ole (Salsa + cream tango) were really good in addition to the ones we ordered. Maybe I'll order those the next time 

Deep-fried spud rules!

Best Fries Forever
Orchard Cineleisure
Basement of Cathy Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road

Raffles City
#B1-55, Raffles City Shopping Center
252 North Bridge Road

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road

Note: This is not a sponsored review. The comments and opinions in this post are solely my own. 


  1. Good tips! Liked those names: like naughty nuggets:-) He he :-)

  2. Looks Sinful! I love KFC's cheesy fries too.. aren't they just divine.


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