Saturday, May 17, 2014

Baker's Corner: Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Bars. A guest post for The Big Sweet Tooth

I am super stoked (and a tad nervous) about this post. I can proudly say that on my blog, it is the first of its kind. Presenting to you my first guest post on The Big Sweet Tooth

I've always wanted to do a guest post on another blog but I wasn't sure how to go about it. Do I wait until someone asked me or do I put myself out there? To me, such an invitation isn't much different to being invited to someone’s house. A blogger invites you into their virtual home out of regard and trust which is a pretty wonderful gesture. I don't know many food bloggers on a personal level and being an extremely lazy blog reader, I have only begun interacting with fellow bloggers within the blogosphere off late. I saw Rafeeda’s guest post a few months ago on a blog that I follow and after taking a peek at her lovely space, I saw how welcoming she was towards other bloggers to do guest posts on her blog. She is a mother of two adorable little girls and despite that, she manages to keep her blog running at breakneck speed with posts of her own, guest posts, hosting events and what not! Kudos to her for that! I thought it couldn't hurt to drop her an e-mail and in uncharacteristic fashion, I did. She replied almost immediately and was very nice about the whole thing. It being the year end holiday season, I was very busy during the time this whole conversation between me and her took place so I had told her that I would get back to her in a few weeks time. Picking what to make for someone else’s blog took longer than I thought it would. I had with me one sweet and one savoury dish so I ultimately sent her this dessert in January (going by the title of her prizes for guessing why!) that you see here

During her last visit, my sister gifted me with a recipe book from Marks & Spencer titled My Little Afternoon Tea Book. I flipped through the pages and caught sight of the recipe for Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Bars. I was drawn to the lovely photos and made a mental note to try it. I still consider myself a novice baker so I was wondering if it would turn out just like in the book but once I did, my fears were allayed. The only gripe I had with the finished product was that since I didn't have the recommended size of the baking tray and had to improvise, the bottom layer ended up being a little thicker than what it was supposed to be. Initially I was a bit hesitant about sending this recipe to Rafeeda because marshmallows usually contain gelatine but I discovered that nowadays you easily get not only halal certified brands but also brands that are suitable for vegetarians.

This is an interesting and versatile dessert with different layers of flavours and textures. You can make in advance for parties, potlucks or lunch boxes. It has chocolate, jam and marshmallows....what’s not to love!

I’d like to thank Rafeeda for welcoming me into her personal space. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this guest post for her

So, for the step-by-step recipe and photos, please hop on over to Rafeeda's space here.



  1. Thank you so much for coming over n gracing my space with ur lovely post... :)

  2. saw your guest post at Rafeeda and could not control myself to see your space, bars looks amazing so as your blog. whenever you have chance check out my blog too.


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