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A Few Of My Favourite Things (1)

I have been contemplating the inclusion of a new segment called 'A Few of My Favourite Things' on the blog for over a year now. I kept procrastinating all this while but finally decided it was time to set things in motion. 

Being a perpetually hungry girl living in a big city, what I plan to do in this segment is list out five things that I love and deem worthy of sharing. I am going to limit the category to food and beverages considering the fact that I am primarily a food blogger. This is going to be a continuing segment which I plan to feature every few months or so.

Singapore being a multicultural & multi-racial kaleidoscope is a food-lover's paradise. Home to a multitude of hawker centres, food courts, kopitiams, local bakeries, fine dining restaurants and more, there are no dearth of joints to be explored in this country with a voracious appetite! Singaporeans will willingly traverse the island in the quest for good food. As for me, even after living here for close to a decade, I haven't even scratched the surface but I still have a whole list of favourite things! Some of the dishes in this post may look familiar to you as I have already covered them in one of my restaurant reviews.

So, let's get the wheels turning, shall we?

Note that these listings are in no particular order of preference

1. Version 2 Mac & Cheese Royale at Little Diner

Just before I quit my full-time job as a Research Associate to become a stay-at-home-mom early this year, my boss thoughtfully threw me a farewell dinner at the Little Diner, a New York style restaurant and bar on Bukit Timah road. One of my colleagues suggested this place for its hearty comfort food. This is a cozy and unpretentious little diner situated amidst the lush greenery of Bukit Timah. A great retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city!

The menu has an impressive array of dishes and you will be spoilt for choices (not so much though if you are a vegetarian). The very second my eyes fell on the words Mac & Cheese, I knew that was what I wanted to eat. To be honest, I haven't had a decent Mac & Cheese in Singapore so I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary. There are two kinds of Mac & Cheese that are served at Little Diner. The Old School Mac & Cheese and the Version 2 Mac & Cheese Royale. I chose the latter since it was listed as the chef's speciality and because it sounded a bit more fancy. Touted to be the Rolls Royce of baked Mac & Cheese with truffle oil, wild mushrooms, this dish lives up to its name and how! It was simply delightful and I couldn't stop digging my spoon into the dish. It was light, flavourful and oh-so satisfying. Undoubtedly the best Mac & Cheese I have ever had.

Highly recommended!

Little Diner
789 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269763

2. Masala Dosa at Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

The Masala Dosa at MTR is the best renditions of dosa you will find in the whole of Singapore. Take it from a true-blue South Indian! The dosa is golden brown, crisp, perfumed with ghee and is served with a finger-licking potato side dish and green chutney. It is so good that you may want to order two!

Check out my review of MTR here

MTR 1924 Vegetarian Restaurant
#438, Serangoon road
Opp Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
Singapore 218133

3. Chocolate Tart at Laurent Bernard Chocolatier 

I the Chocolate Tart at Laurent Bernard. Whenever I'm at Robertson Quay with my hubby or my friends, no matter how much we have had to eat for dinner, we find ourselves at Laurent Bernard for dessert. I have tried most of their desserts but this is the one that I prefer the most. It looks like a miniscule portion but once you are finished with it, it is just right for one person. You have smooth, velvety, luscious chocolate that coats the inside of your mouth. Below the chocolate is a thin crunchy layer and the entire assembly sits on a hazelnut caramel biscuit. The contrast of the creamy and crunchy textures is what makes this dessert tick. 

This is not a dessert that you gobble up but one that you take your time and savour 

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
Robertson Quay 
The Pier at Robertson Quay
80 Mohammad Sultan Road #01-11
Singapore 239013

4. Cheese Fries at KFC

Okay so please don't judge me for including something as generic as fries in a run-of-the-mill fast food chain. I never claimed to be a gourmet!

Fries are my most favourite food on the face of the earth so it may not come as a surprise to see the Cheese Fries from KFC on this list. But it's not just that I love fries - the Cheese Fries at KFC really are good. You have hot golden crispy fried topped with melted cheese, mayonnaise and spring onion greens. Of course, the standard of preparation can differ from outlet to outlet and this is a side that definitely should NOT be considered for home delivery (coz then it gets soggy and loses all its appeal).

I have had cheese fries at many other cafes and restaurants in Singapore but none compare to KFC (on a good day). 

All over Singapore! 

5. The Chicago Mix & Macadamia CaramelCrisp at Garrett Popcorn Singapore

The Chicago Mix
Popcorn is one of the most universally loved snacks. It is no different with me. No movie watching experience is complete without a bucket of popcorn. But then again, I don't need to be at the movies for popcorn. I can enjoy it any day, anyplace and anytime 😊

Macadamia CaramelCrisp
I first sampled the popcorn at Garrett Popcorn Singapore at their Somerset 313 outlet. I liked it so much that I got more to bring back home. The next time was at their outlet at Resorts World Sentosa. I must confess that I haven't tried all their flavours but among the ones I have, I love The Chicago Mix and Macadamia CaramelCrisp. I couldn't decide which one I like better between the two so I declare it a tie!

The advantage of The Chicago Mix is that the savoury sharp cheddar CheeseCorn nicely offsets the smokey and slightly salty intense sweetness from the CaramelCrisp. Plus you get a delightful combination of textures with the chewy CheeseCorn and crispy CaramelCrisp. Whereas with the Macadamia CaramelCrisp, the sweetness can get a little over-the-top after a while. But then the exotic crunchy macadamia nuts just takes the popcorn to another level.

The sensational popcorn at Garrett popcorn has an enticing aroma and is deliciously addictive. Take note that is quite pricey (some may even find it outrageous) but I guess that is expected with gourmet popcorn.

I realized that I've never taken a picture of their popcorn and so these pictures I have taken from their website. 

Garrett Popcorn
Outlets at: Somerset 313, Resorts World Sentosa, Wisma Atria, City Link Mall, Great World City & Vivo City

I do hope you check out these favourite things of mine (if you haven't already!). Let me know what you think.

I'll be back with my next set of five favourite things before you know it!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The opinions and recommendations in this post are solely from personal experience. 

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