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Christmas Special: German Christmas Markets - A Guest Post by Reshma @ like a lavendeR

When I knew that I was going to be in India for well over two months at the end of the year, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to prepare enough draft posts to keep the blog going. So, I decided to call in a favour!  I wanted to contact a fellow blogger who I was acquainted with, who was actively blogging and whose work I could trust well enough to feature on my virtual home. I must admit that there was only one name that came to my mind and that was Reshma. She is much more than an acquaintance....she is family. She is my cousin’s wife and over the years, my interaction with her has been so much that she has always seemed like part of our family. I am genuinely fond of this girl and I am so happy she took time out from her busy schedule to do a guest post for my blog  She is new to the blogosphere but if she keeps going like how she has been in the limited time that she has been a blogger, I see her going far! Reshma is a designer, an artist and a collector who currently resides in Germany. Her blog titled ‘like a lavendeR' showcases her many interests which include cooking, travel, home decor and much more. I think promising bloggers should be encouraged so make sure you follow the very talented Reshma on her Facebook page, Pinterest & Instagram to get updates on her amazing work. 

Woohoo… I am super enthusiastic and nervous at the same time about this post as it will be my first ever guest post. Thank you Megha for giving me this opportunity.

Greetings "Me in blogland" readers,
I am Reshma Vadiraj from Bangalore, currently living in Stuttgart, Germany. I am a new blogger who is still learning the ropes when it comes to blogging. I write about my travels, food and hobbies.

I am an admirer of Megha's blog and also like her personally. She is a very simple, fun loving and a well organised gal! I like the way she writes and her post 'A Letter to my Daughters on their first Birthday' was very touching. I always follow her Akki Rotti recipe and many other  delicious recipes and my son is a huge fan of  her Chocolate Brownies.
For my guest post, allow me to ignite your imagination. Picture a beautifully lit up sky, a vibrant festive atmosphere, sparkly christmas trees, gleaming rows of brightly illuminated stalls, the enticing aroma of cinnamon, vanilla, roasted almonds, glühwine and the cheery hum of people connecting with each other....the historic and traditional Christmas Markets have come to my part of the world!!!

Let me take you on a tour to the dazzling Christmas Market of Stuttgart and surrounding areas.

Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt (Stuttgart Christmas Market): Nov 25th - Dec 23rd 

This market takes place in the centre of Stuttgart around Schlossplatz. It is considered one of the oldest and largest markets with around 280 decorative booths serving Christmas-inspired food and drinks such as Glühwine, Kinderpunsch, Lebkuchen, Crêpes, Waffles and many more.

Lebkuchen gingerbread

Chocolate coated fruits

German bakery
There are lovely decorative stalls like candle and candle making, wood and ceramic stalls. 

Candle stall
There also is an ice skating rink, ferris wheel and a miniature train for kids. 

Maulbronn Christmas Market: Dec 5th - Dec 6th
Maulbronn Monastery

This rustic Christmas Market takes place in the courtyard of the monastery of Maulbronn, a UNESCO world heritage site. The Maulbronn Monastery is one of the most well-preserved medieval monasteries.

During this Christmas Market, visitors can take in the historic atmosphere while enjoying Glühwein, Kinderpunsch, Flammkuchen, Potato Wedges and other enticing food items.

Hot Glühwein (mulled wine) & Kinderpunsch (children's drink)

Firewood fish roasting
The market offers arts and crafts, felted accessories, jewellery, home decor, Christmas decorations and fine honey products.

Decorative stalls

Musical performances also create a festive atmosphere throughout the market.

ChocolART Christmas Market in Tübingen: Dec 1st - Dec 6th

Tübingen’s Chocolate Festival is a market where chocolate specialists from France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany come together to showcase their artistry and sell their delicate products. 

Last year this event attracted more than 270,000 visitors to Tübingen’s old town. 

A mecca for chocolate lovers!

With 87 chocolatiers from 12 countries, around 80 tonnes of chocolate and 20,000 cups of fresh milk was reportedly sold.

Yes, they are chocolates and not tools!!

Tübingen Christmas Market is from Dec 11th - 13th, a week after the chocolate festival.

Esslingen Christmas Market: Nov 24th - Dec 22nd

This is an unique market where the old world meets new. You can get a feel of both the medieval era Christmas Market and also the present time.

Costumed vendors offer arts, crafts, food and drinks. The jugglers and fire-breathers entertain the public. You can also experience ancient games.

December is the month of Christmas Markets. The magic of traditional German Christmas Markets is casting more visitors under its spell every year. Each city, town & village will have their own Christmas Market and to make the most of it, every weekend we plan to visit different Christmas Markets which is not only fun but something to look forward to!!

Frohe Weihnachten (Merry Christmas)



  1. Thank you Megha for the Space in your blog! Enjoyed and learnt during this post.

  2. Wow Reshma!!! Such a beautiful market!! Christmas is one one of my favourite times.. Love the green red and gold combinations! And the market and goodies look absolutely delectable!!
    Beautiful photographs.. And a lovely write up!! Kudos to both you girls for doing such wonderful work in the kitchen and the house. Love it all!! Keep it going!! Hugs!

  3. Thank you Reshma for a great post and thank you Kavya for the appreciation :)

  4. Wonderful pictures ..... can feel the real Christmas spirit.(and I thought they are really rusted pliers)
    Frohe Weihnachten


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