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Family Fun at Club Mahindra Resort - Madikeri, Coorg

I've been suffering from a mild case of post-holiday blues. Quite expected when you go through more than three weeks of nothing but eat-sleep-repeat! No setting alarms, no household chores, no never-ending to-do lists....not even babysitting (and this is a twin mom talking here!). There were people who would readily take over childminding duties for me even without my asking. So all I did was eat, vegetate on the couch, sleep, catch up with family and friends, go out and shop like nobody's business. I don't remember the last time I got to live the life of a sloth! So now I'm back to the grind and pining for those days of utter laziness. It has taken a herculean effort to get off my behind and show the blog some love. 

Food-related posts can wait for the time being (coz after all that mindless bingeing, food is the last thing on my mind!). During our holiday in India, we went on a short trip to a resort in Madikeri, Coorg with my siblings. Even though it was for a few days, we had such a memorable time that I had to blog about the experience. 

Madikeri is a hill station and the vibrant capital of Coorg, a little corner of Karnataka. Nestled in the Western Ghats, the district is known for its exquisite beauty. It is verdant and filled with nature’s splendour that spans more shades of green than you know exist. Driving in, the plains gradually gives way to mountain ranges and as the road begins to curve upwards, the wide vistas of hills and mountains transports visitors to another world. All around are mountains, hills, valleys, paddy fields, grasslands, coffee plantations, pepper and cardamom plants, orange orchards and amidst all this flows the life-sustaining river Cauvery.

During my lifetime, I have passed by Madikeri innumerable times so I am no stranger to the place. Hailing from Udupi, any road trip from Mysore to Udupi would invariably take us through Madikeri. It used to be our go-to place for coffee/tea pit stops. Breathing in the chilly air while sipping hot cups of masala tea with my family brings back fond memories. Aside from brief stopovers, I've been there on a few family trips and college trips too. 

This trip took a wee bit of planning since we had three kids under the age of three travelling with us. We were looking for a resort that was suitable for families with young children and offered activities to keep them occupied (coz everyone knows what toddlers can be like!). Club Mahindra was one of the first options that came up and it ended up being the destination of choice. 

Set amidst this lush green landscape, Club Mahindra Coorg is a sprawling resort built in the local ainmanés tradition and is located within a coffee plantation, swirling with scents, colours and sights of the hill station. It has 220 luxurious apartments and lots of facilities including a gym, two swimming pools, three restaurants, a lobby lounge and bar, a holiday activity centre, a spa complex and more.

There are plenty of activities, sights and views to enjoy during the stay at this tranquil resort. 

I unfortunately didn't have my own camera with me so I had to borrow one from my brother-in-law. Being a creature of habit, getting used to a new camera is hard for me but I did the best I could! 

We found that the rooms we were allotted were spacious, clean and comfortable. Ours was a one bedroom suite that could accommodate our family of four. There was a decent-sized bed, a TV, a sofa cum bed unit, kitchenette with a potable water tap, microwave oven, a coffee and tea maker, a small patio, attached bathroom and room service. There were two ceiling fans which were more than enough since there was a crisp chill in the air. 

The kids were thrilled with the patio and also at the discovery that their favourite Disney Junior channel was available on tv!

One night, a few of us sat in the patio chatting until late. Being easily spooked, once I became aware of the surrounding eerie forest slowly being enveloped by an ethereal mist, I quickly made an excuse and dashed inside for some much needed shut-eye before my mind could conjure up a ghostly image of a woman in a white sari! 😝  Ridiculous I know!

Early mornings were my favourite part of the day because I could spend some time wandering off by myself. Misty mornings involving sun-kissed cobbled paths shrouded in greenery are totally my kinda thing! 

To enable guests to relax and rejuvenate, Svaastha spa, offers a host of treatments that is said to alleviate stress and revitalise. Didn't try it out personally so can't comment on the services.

Undoubtedly, food is one of the highlights at Club Mahindra. The guests are treated to an array of dishes from the Kodava cuisine as well as other South Indian specialities, North Indian dishes and International favourites at the main restaurant Green Cardamom. 

As expected, there were plenty of vegetarian dishes. There was a small kid-friendly food section as well. High chairs were provided for all three kids (thank goodness!) and the staff were kind enough to check on the kids and help us out with whatever was needed.

We paid a visit to Barbeque Bay one night where there were delicious kebabs and vegetable skewers and an assortment of North Indian dishes to relish. The musician was a kind jolly fellow who entertained the kids thoroughly by playing nursery rhymes much to our amusement!

Every evening we would head to the Fun Zone where the kids and adults would find something interesting to do. The indoor activity centre of Fun Zone is a perfect place to enjoy such activities such as board games, table tennis, shooting pool and video games. There is an indoor play area for the kids which is equipped with toys and other attractions. Fish spa, a chaat counter and souvenir shop are located along the Fun Zone.

There is a seating area outdoors where every night a bonfire would be lit followed by an emcee conducting games or hosting entertainment programs for the guests. 

Aside from the play area here, the resort also has an outdoor play area which the critters loved as well!

One evening, we went out of a drive to nearby Raja's Seat. This tourist attraction is a cliff-edge point facing lush green valleys and hilly expanse where it is believed that the Maharajas used to watch sunsets. On clear days the sunsets are known to be spectacular, but on cloudy days, puffy white clouds playing hide and seek with the mountains can be an equally riveting sight.

The surroundings at Club Mahindra Madikeri are serene and placid and there are so many activities offered at the resort that you don't really need to venture out. You have everything you need to enjoy a relaxing holiday with your loved ones in one place. The location is amazing, food is good (although sometimes the variety presented at the buffet is inconsistent), rooms are comfortable and service is satisfactory. The only two complaints I have are that some of the guests can be very unruly and noisy especially at the pool (which bothers people like me) and the road leading up to the resort is quite dreadful. I hope something is done about the latter! 

Spending quality time with family in a pleasant environment located in the lap of unspoilt nature - just what the doctor ordered. I would look forward to visiting again. 

Recommended especially for families with kids! 

My rating for this resort is

Club Mahindra, Madikeri
Galibeedu Road
Kalakeri Nidugane Village
Karnataka 571201

Website: Click here


Some information in this post  obtained from the Club Mahindra Madikeri official website

This is not a sponsored review. The opinions in this post are solely my own and come from personal experience. 

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