Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Kids Day Out: Palawan Pirate Ship & Palawan Beach at Sentosa, Singapore

It had been a while since we had taken the kids to Sentosa. The last time was to the S.E.A aquarium and before that to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (both visits which had been a success much to my surprise!). I wanted to take them outdoors for some fun in the sun and Sentosa was the first place that came to mind. 

Palawan Pirate Ship

Did you guys know that the iconic Port of Lost Wonder in Sentosa that had ceased all operations since Dec 27th 2016, has reopened its water play area?  Due to public demand, families can now access its signature water play area – the Pirate Ship which is now goes by the name ‘Palawan Pirate Ship’.

Even better news - it is free for families to enjoy. An attractive water park with a ship, slides, a giant water bucket, water canons and the works that has no admission charge....how can young parents pass up on that! 

We reached the water play area on a Saturday morning just before opening hours in the hope that it wouldn't be terribly crowded and parked the car at the parking lot located at Palawan beach. I spotted a huge KidZania as I walked towards the water play area. KidZania Singapore offers children real-life experiences through many different role-play activities in the kid-sized city. A place I definitely want to take the kids to one day! 

Anyway, coming back to the Palawan Pirate ship, it is a water play area designed for children aged 3-10 years old. An exciting and safe place for the little ones to splash around and have a whale of a good time! There are sheltered rest areas and benches located nearby. Also, paid locker facilities, shower rooms, and nursing rooms are available for use. 

The kids immediately bolted towards the water play area and there was no turning back! I was allowed to take both of them on the water slides and they loved it so much that I was coerced to take them close to 50 times (after which I had to feign a broken back and only then they let up!). They spent a good hour and a half exploring every water feature, running and splashing to their heart's content.

Although the sky was gloomy on that day, we were fortunate that it didn't rain and the weather was quite pleasant.

There are of course certain rules at the water play area to be followed,
  • Visitors will have to be dressed in swimwear to enter the water play area.
  • Adults are not allowed onto the water slides and ship for safety reasons as there are specific weight restrictions. The water slides and ship are suitable only for children.
  • No pets, bicycles or scooters are allowed in the premises for the safety of all visitors.
  • As the Palawan Pirate Ship is catered for children, adults have to be accompanied by a child for entry.

I was glad to see lifeguards on duty which apparently is the case from 10am – 6pm daily, to ensure the safety of all visitors. 

There is a sand play area and a mini playground for younger kids but mine were so enamored by the water park that they didn't even go near it 😆

As I was gathering notes for this post, something that caught my attention were the two party packages called Little Explorers and Ultimate Island available for a birthday celebration, just next to the water play area at the Palawan Pirate Ship. It covers a party host, fun games, food, themed decor and invitation cards. If that doesn't sound like a fun birthday then I don't know what does! 

I am not sure till what date the Palawan Pirate Ship water play area will be operational so visit while you still can! 

Palawan Pirate Ship Details:
Opening Hours
10am to 6pm daily

Admission is free-of-charge.

Palawan Pirate Ship
Palawan Beach, Sentosa
Website: Click here

Note: Palawan Pirate Ship will be closed from 21 - 27 May 2017 for cleaning & maintenance. 

Palawan Beach 

We couldn't leave without a quick visit to the beach so after we got the kids dry and a quick snack, we headed over to Palawan beach. 

With a suspension bridge linking beach-goers to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia (and also Asia's closest point to the Equator), this beach is popular with locals and tourists alike. 

Now I don't know how you feel about man-made beaches (as in reclaimed from the sea) but personally speaking, if the beach is peaceful, clean and not crowded, it is good enough for me. 

This is more like a lagoon beach dotted with palm trees, clean sand and no waves, so it is safe for children and is a nice place to cool down on a hot summer's day. 

I could see a few people relaxing beneath the trees but there was hardly anyone in the water. The atmosphere was tranquil and I was so glad we came by. 

The kids of course went mad with excitement. We don't live in close proximity to a beach so going to one is something out of the ordinary for them. 

The water was cool and shallow so we were able to spend more time than we thought. This beach is super family-friendly so I would recommend it if you have little ones and are looking for a safe and fun beach experience. 

One of my girls enthusiastically started building a sand castle almost blanketing herself with sand in the process while the other one shrieked in horror at her palms covered in sand and pleaded in despair for her "dirty" hands to be cleaned. The difference is day and night! Twins I tell you! 😛

After the beach, we needed a place to de-sand (is that a word?) and right there was a series of cascading miniature waterfalls and water fountains. The kids again had a frolicking time playing with the water. I saw a dry play area just adjacent to that but I didn't have the energy for it (even though the kids did!).

There were changing rooms nearby where we got the kids cleaned up and took turns to get changed. There were a few food joints around but we needed to head back home so skipped grabbing a bite.  

To sum up the day, I'd say it was pretty much perfect! Splashing, sea, sand and sun....what could be better to keep the little ones occupied and give the grown-ups a change of scene. 

Head on to Palawan beach with the kids for a guaranteed day of fun!


Disclaimer: All opinions in this post are my own and come from personal experience

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