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Restaurant Review: The London Curry House, Bangalore

I'm kickstarting this year's blogging journey with a post that is dedicated to the homeland. I just got back from a marvellous holiday to India and I am still sensing that deep-rooted melancholic tug that irrevocably binds me to everything and everyone back home. The vibrant colors at every nook and corner, the benevolent climate of the hometown, the comfort of home, the food lovingly prepared by mum and MIL, the familiar roads, the warmth in the smiles of the people I've grown up around and seeing the number of people who willingly and gladly entertain my children for hours on end is what I miss most of all. Of course, there are two sides to every coin and there are aspects of the homeland that I don't miss at all but keeping in mind the sentiment behind this post, I'm not going there okay? 😛

Since my last visit, I've been on a quest to explore the dining scene in Bangalore. Almost every year it so happens that our annual visits to the city coincide with a cascade of family events and social visits that  don't leave us with that much quality time to spend at my in-laws home and thus we shy away from any opportunity to checkout the city (and with the horrendous traffic, it becomes the easier choice to stay home!). Being a Mysore girl, I've not been to that many restaurants in Bangalore so the foodie in me thought it was high time I started. I am aware that it is a daunting challenge given how many food establishments there are in the bustling metropolitan and the rapid pace at which the foodscape is evolving. The classic restaurants, the chic eating spots, the gastro pubs, the fine dining establishments, the trendy urban cafes and the street food - I want in on all the grub the city has to offer! I decided to start slow and first cover the areas closer to home. Thus far, I've found a few places I like already - Samarkand, Sattvam, The Higher Taste, Toscano and The London Curry House to name a few.

The LCH was suggested to me by a family member. Located at the heart of West Bangalore, this vegetarian restaurant serves modern Indian cuisine with a twist. I was quite surprised to know that it is a vegetarian restaurant because judging by the name, I assumed otherwise.

The interior is earthy and rustic with pops of color to make the space appear more interesting. The artwork on the walls and show pieces depict iconic London structures such as the London telephone booth, double decker bus, Big Ben, London Eye and more. I liked the lamp posts and greenery that have been incorporated into the decor.

The ambience at the LCH is casual and relaxed.

We arrived at the restaurant quite early on a weekday afternoon and so there were only 2-3 tables occupied. It gave me a great opportunity to take some pics. Fast forward to an hour later, as we were getting ready to leave, the restaurant was bursting at the seams! Based on my observation, I would advise you to make a reservation especially it you are planning to head down over the weekend.

The staff at the restaurant were welcoming and courteous and immediately arranged for high chairs for my twins.

The menu is quirky and not too elaborate. The dishes you will find on it are not your typical Indian fare that you will find at most restaurants. There are classic Indian dishes with a twist, fusion dishes, pasta, pizzas and a few choices of (mostly western) desserts.

Not knowing what to expect, we randomly picked a few dishes to order. The waiter who attended to us made a few suggestions that came in handy.

Lemon Coriander Soup (₹190)
We ordered this soup for the kids thinking the description sounded quite mellow. We were wrong! The soup was tangy and spicy with a colorful assortment of vegetables and herbs in it which would have been too much for my little ones considering they were a bit under the weather. It was served along with two crispy wontons which they did try though. I ended up finishing the soup and with it being hearty and tasty, I did quite enjoy it.

Cheese Corn Ball and Potato Wedges (₹280)
This starter was also ordered keeping the kids in mind. I loved the presentation of this dish. The crispy cheese corn balls with a soft and flavourful interior was a all-round hit and the potato wedges were crispy and yummy too. The dip that was served along with it complimented the starter well.

Potli Chaat with Spicy Tomato Salsa (₹280)
This starter was recommended by the waiter. Like the previous starter, the presentation was lovely. There were crispy potli shaped filled with a mildly spiced mixture and served along with a spicy tomato salsa. I loved the crunchiness of the sev and the sweet bursts from the pomegranate.

Delhi Belly Chole Kulcha (₹310)
We wanted to order the Tandoori Grilled Momos but were informed that the item was unavailable that day. Disappointed, I was looking for another starter to replace it with. Again, the waiter came to my aid and suggested the Delhi Belly Chole Kulcha. I was a bit skeptical since it didn't sound very appetizing but I am so glad I chose it. This was one of my favourites of the day! The dish was bursting with intense savoury flavours and contrasting textures. So moreish, I could not stop at one!

Highly recommended.

Paneer Padi Roll with Chutney Foam (₹290)
Based on some of the pictures I had seen at the restaurant before, I knew that this dish was one of their hot favourites. The paneer papdi rolls were served in miniature cookers which looked so cute! The chutney foam was nothing special to be honest and although the rolls themselves were crispy and tasty, they were a bit too salty for my liking.

Baby Corn Cigars (₹280)
The Baby Corn Cigars met our expectations. Like how deep-fried food should be, the fritters were fresh and crispy and the baby corn had retained a bit of crunch which was welcome. Served in cute chai glasses along with a combination of two dipping sauces, it made for a pretty good starter.

Mac N Cheese (₹380)
We ordered this for the kids but unfortunately, they didn't have much of an appetite so it was left to us adults to share it among us. The portion was quite large but we did manage to finish it because it was subtle, delicious and creamy without being heavy and gluggy. There was a side of bread which was used to mop up the sauce. I would actually consider ordering it for myself next time!

Chilli Garlic Pizza (₹450)
The pizza was so good! I am not a fan of pizza with a thick crust so I was happy to see the medium-thin crust on this pizza. As the name suggests, the garlic and chilli flavours are at the forefront when you take a bite into the pizza but the cheese and tomato sauce helps to mellow and balance it out.

Overall the pizza was liked by everyone at the table.

Toffee Tart (₹280)
As soon as I spotted this on the menu, I knew I was going to order it. The tart arrived beautifully presented. It comprised of one dark chocolate and one white chocolate tart, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream and some edible dust (at least that's what I'm calling it!). The tart casings were a bit hard for my liking but the fillings were velvety smooth and decadent. Along with the ice-cream, it made for an agreeable dessert.

Oreo Brownie Avalanche (₹280)
This one was quite the show-stopper! There came a sizzler plate on which sat a chocolate brownie, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, oreos and warm chocolate sauce. As the waiter poured the chocolate sauce over the assembly, the plate started to sizzle, the ice-cream started to drip and it did look like a gastronomic avalanche of sorts.

This is a sweet dessert so if you don't like your desserts too sweet, this is not for you. On the other hand if you are a fan of chocolate, you may enjoy scooping the sizzling and slightly charred bits of chocolate at the bottom (as I noticed my husband doing!).

I ordered the Mango Smoothie for my girls but forgot to snap a picture of it. It was well presented, thick, sweet and creamy and they both loved it very much. They had little to no appetite the day we were at the restaurant (they even passed up on dessert! 😕) but this was the one item they truly did enjoy. I'd recommend it especially for the little ones.

My Concluding Remarks:
Even before any the subject of food comes up, what the LCH has going for it is the good location, valet parking and pleasant ambience. I'm not sure how it would be on weekends when it gets very crowded but when we visited, the service was quick and the staff were attentive and helpful. The food is of course the highlight - it may not be the best tasting food I've ever had but the restaurant definitely gets major points for creativity when it comes to presentation. Each dish immediately catches your attention with its flamboyant style. I also liked their novel east-meets-west themed menu. On the downside, portion size is not very consistent across dishes. Also, on the subject of price, this restaurant could be considered a little heavy on the pocket. On average, you can expect to shell out about ₹600-800 per person.

Well, that wraps up my review on the LCH. I enjoyed my dining experience at this contemporary fusion restaurant and would not hesitate to recommend the place to anyone looking for innovative, eye-catching and palatable eats in the city.

Ideal for couples enjoying a meal together, catch ups with friends and family dinners.

My rating for this restaurant is

The London Curry House
19/2, Crescent Road
Karnataka 560001

Hours: Open today · 11AM–3PM, 7–11PM

Phone: +91 80 2220 9090



Note: This is not an invited or sponsored review. The opinions in this post are from personal experience. 

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