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Farm Fresh Durians from Durian Delivery Singapore!

Product + Service Review

Durian is regarded by many in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits". For those who are unaware, the durian is distinctive for its large size, strong odour, unique taste and formidable thorny exterior. Although its husk is green to brown in colour, the flesh inside ranges in colour from pale to bright yellow to reddish orange depending upon the variety. 

People mostly have polarized opinions on the durian. It is a one of those things that people either love or hate, with only a few in between. While some find it having a pleasantly sweet aroma, others find the odour overpowering and unpleasant. The persistence of its odour, which may linger for several days, has led to its banishment from certain buildings and public transportation in Singapore. However, as unusual the smell, the flesh of the fruit itself is sweet and buttery with a custard-like flavour which is in fact, quite hard to describe to a durian newbie. You have to eat it to understand! No visit to Southeast Asia will be complete without trying this fruit so make sure you put it on your bucket list. Heck, I'd say you need to put it on your bucket list of "10 foods to eat in your lifetime"!

Having arrived in Singapore as an expat, durian to me, reeked of a combination of rotten onions and unwashed socks (ouch!) which is why it took me so long to get past my olfactory disgust and give the fruit a chance! I made the mistake of trying durian flavoured cake and candy (which were most likely pumped with artificial durian flavour) before trying the actual fruit and I was turned off by it. This is how I ended up prematurely (and unfairly) deciding that I did not like the flavour. Fast forward to when I actually tried the fruit, I was stunned by how sweet and creamy the flesh was and the smell didn't even bother me that much. Since then, I have tried it more than a few times. I can't say I have become a durian aficionado (that will take time) but I can sincerely say that I will eat the fruit given the opportunity. I probably am one of those few people who fall in the "in-between" category!

Durian lovers are often plagued by problems like overcharging by unscrupulous vendors, inferior quality durians, issues with transportation due to the strong smell and the inconvenience of travelling in order to procure the durians. If durians need to be purchased to be enjoyed by a family or for a large gathering, the demand for durian delivery may not be adequately met by traditional vendors who frequently lack the resources and the know-how to go about it. What is more is that with durians, freshness is key so a quick and reliable delivery service can make all the difference in how you enjoy the durian-eating experience.

By utilizing an e-commerce model, Durian Delivery Singapore, a startup for durian purchase and delivery is able to collate orders the day before, notify their durian plantation, and send out durians the very next day. The company works with plantations in Malaysia to bring durians that are the freshest anywhere in Singapore. Durian Delivery Singapore  is passionate about delivery high quality durians to their customers in a short amount of time (6-12 hours) to allow for maximum freshness.

When Jonah, the founder of Durian Delivery Singapore asked me if I would give my opinion on the quality of durians and the delivery service they provided, I was not sure if I could do justice to the request. But then I happened to remember that several of my local and expat colleagues love durian and one in particular who hails from Penang had grown up eating the fruit and had extensive knowledge about it as his grandfather owns a durian farm in Johor. I requested Jonah if the delivery could be arranged to my workplace so I could get my far more experienced colleagues opinion on it and at the same time, learn more about this exotic and intriguing fruit myself!

The folks at Durian Delivery Singapore turned out to be very obliging and professional. The delivery was quick, efficient and on time. I was expecting to be hit by a potent wave of durian odour as I approached the delivery guy and was surprised that there was none. The durians were de-husked, nicely packed, the boxes hermetically sealed and clearly labelled. We received three different durian varieties and were immediately struck by how fresh and vibrant they looked. I swear a few of my colleagues started drooling on the spot!

As I watched my colleague from Penang gleefully open the boxes and deeply inhale each of them, a look of adoration and a contented smile spreading across his face, I realized that I had made the right call in choosing the delivery location! We were a mix of Singaporean, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino, French Canadian and Swiss so I'd say the tasting was done by a pretty diverse bunch! There was one colleague who was weary about trying the fruit but he ended up having more than a few pieces and I could see the look of surprise register on his face (reminded me of my first reaction!).

So these were the varieties we tried and this is what we thought of them,

Red Prawn
This variety of durian had the smallest flesh of the lot and stood-out for its signature reddish-orange flesh. The taste and texture could be described as pungent, sticky, creamy and very sweet. There were a few in our tasting group who liked this durian the best. I'd say that this is a good choice to go for if you are trying durian for the very first time.

Mao Shan Wang (MSW)
This variety had an eye-popping canary yellow colour. The seeds were small which meant more buttery flesh! This one had firm skin, was less fibrous, a creaminess similar to custard and bittersweet notes. Even I could appreciate how flavourful and aromatic it was.

Old Tree MSW (TSW)
This variety is the popular MSW durian plucked from the oldest and most premium trees.

The TSW durian was hands-down the overall favourite! It had a richness surpassing the MSW and a robust depth to its flavour with slightly more bitter notes compared to the MSW (which is a good thing). This durian turned out to be incredibly fragrant, had a lot of flesh, was even softer and creamier than MSW and had a pleasant lingering aftertaste. With the TSW durian, it stuck me how complex the flavour of this amazing fruit can be.

All the durian were gone within an hour and we had quite the durian feast. Many of us even skipped dinner that day! Since we sat outdoors, we didn't even have to worry about 'perfuming' the office!

Durians are at their prime now so if you are durian connoisseur or even someone who has never tried the fruit before and would like to, check out the amazing durians that Durian Delivery Singapore has to offer. I can say without any bias or obligation that by far, they were the BEST durians I had ever tasted (and a couple of my colleagues felt the same way).

The website is nicely designed and easy to navigate. There is useful information available about the different varieties of durian available. You can choose from varieties such as MSW, TSW, Red Prawn, XO D24 and D101. I would personally recommend the Red Prawn and the TSW.

This is how you get your durians in three simple steps:
1. Browse the durians from the website
2. Choose the delivery date
3. Enjoy your durians freshly plucked from the farm!

Aside from the freshness and taste of the durians along with the prompt delivery, what I appreciated was that I had not been given any special treatment and was treated like any other customer. The boxes that I received had been packed, labelled with order numbers and dispatched just like they would have been to anyone else. This to me is very reassuring that the people behind the company are committed to delivering premium quality durians to their customers. They even offer a 100% money back guarantee in the cases of unripe, sour or watery durians.

For top-notch quality durians, affordable prices, reliable delivery and freshness guaranteed, Durian Delivery Singapore is a good bet!

I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Thank you Jonah and your team for making our day!

Durian Delivery Singapore

Website: Click here
Facebook page: Click here
Whatsapp (only): 86987495

Delivery Info In a Nutshell:
Free Delivery > $120
Same Day Delivery: $9.70 per location
Express Delivery: $14.70 per location
Next Day Delivery: $6.90
Delivers: 2pm – 2am


Disclaimer: I was sent durians from for the purpose of this review. The views and opinions in this post are my own. 

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  1. Yes Durian Fruit is something new I have heard of recently. Quite a distinct fruit.


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