Monday, September 9, 2019

Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow from SleepWiz

Product review

So if you remember, not very long ago, I had done a product review for the ErgoLush Mattress Topper from SleepWiz. I am still using the mattress topper and it works great. I mostly have my good sleep days (6+ hours) and the rare bad sleep days (≤5 hours of sleep) but insomnia hasn't reared its ugly head since the past few months. 

The good folks at SleepWiz asked me if I would review a new product which has just begun garnering retail presence. Considering the pleasant interaction with them in the past, their professionalism and how beneficial their last product has been for me, I obliged without second thoughts.

Let's face it - most pillows suck! I've lost count of the number of pillows we have disposed over the years because they just weren't serving their purpose effectively. They are either too soft, too firm, too big or too flat. Waking up with a crick in your neck or not feeling truly well rested has a lot to do with the kind of pillow you use.

Most classic pillows are either overly bouncy (especially those overfilled synthetic ones) or unsupportive, and they often bend your head in an awkward manner. This is because they rely on fiber "crimp" for their plushness, which act like springs when the fibers are amassed together as in a pillow. The resistance it provides increases very rapidly when depressed, so they end up overly bouncy when overfilled, or just collapse when the filling isn't dense enough. Fibers also lose their "crimp" quickly, which will cause pillows to lose their volume and support. On the other hand, memory foam pillows are great for neck support, but many users may feel that the weird contoured shapes these pillows are molded into simply do not look comfortable, especially since most of them do not need very specialized support.

The Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow combines the adaptive support of memory foam and the plush comfort of a classic pillow. Sounds good right?

A little about the science behind it - the Plushopedic pillow is filled with "memory fluff", which is an interlocking cross-cut memory foam. It cradles your head and neck to optimize the supportive pressure just like one-piece molded memory foam pillows, but is luxurious and cuddly just like a classic pillow - basically the best of both worlds! It'll feel plush to lie on when you head first hits the pillow, and feel buoyant and supportive as the memory fluff slowly absorbs your head. It may be likened to lying on the tummy of a giant teddy bear! The memory fluff is blended with a small fraction of conventional responsive foam to increase the plushness of the pillow when you first lie on it. This filling can also be shifted around to achieve your desired pillow loft and shape, just like a down pillow.

I was sent two pillows for the purpose of the review. My first impressions were - "Oh my goodness, these pillows are huge! How can I possibly use my regular pillow covers on them?" But I was wrong. The pillows turned out to be a similar size as my regular pillows. It's just that they were so fluffy that I misjudged the size! I was easily able to use my regular pillow covers on them. Phew! 😅

The pillows are indeed very fluffy. My past experience with voluminous pillows resulted in me suffering from a sore neck. So I was a little apprehensive at the start of trying this product. But I've been using these pillows for the past 2 weeks straight and I have never had any neck pain. It has mostly been nights of comfortable sleep. The pillows are also great to lean against when me and my husband are watching TV or reading. I love that they retain their shape and don't look like they have been run over by a steamroller after we are done using them! 😁

Features of the Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow
  • Special memory fluff filling sinks more in the center where your head rests while remaining comfortably supportive under your neck where you need it
  • Adapts to back-sleepers, side-sleepers and combination-sleepers
  • Can be fluffed to achieve your desired pillow loft and shape
  • Breathable Coolmax pillow protector allows airflow throughout the pillow, keeping sweaty bedhead at bay. It is removable and hand washable. 
  • Durable memory fluffs maintain volume and support for years unlike traditional fiber fillings and even re-fluffs itself

The Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow is usually priced at $85 but it is currently priced at $39.90*. You can buy now and get FREE Shipping within Singapore!
Note that all pillows are automatically registered for a 3 month warranty

(*As of 3rd September 2019)

So there you have it folks! With the rise in sleep technology and a myriad of bedding and mattress companies launching on the market, there has never been a better time to take stock of how you sleep and what you sleep on. 

If you are looking for good pillows in the quest for a better night's sleep then I recommend the Plushopedic Memory Fluff Pillow.

Thank you Sleepwiz for another opportunity to collaborate. Keep up the good work guys! 


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of review. I have not received any monetary compensation to write a positive review. All opinions are honest and my own. 

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