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Sun, Sand & Sea - Kid's Day Out at Tanjong Beach, Singapore

I'm pretty sure I've already outlined my 6-year old twins' fascination with going to the beach. If I start any sentence with "what should we do this weekend?", the answer will inevitably be "let's go to the beach!". If there is any talk of arranging a playdate, they will chime in with suggestions of going to the beach. If I ask them how they want to spend their birthday, there will be some mention of going to the beach on their elaborate agenda. They wait for their school holidays solely for the prospect of spending a day at the beach. They sometimes even offer me "bribes" in the form of artwork for an exchange trip to the beach! My husband and I were discussing this in tones of amusement and we realized that our last 5 family holidays have turned out to be beach holidays. Such is our offspring's love for sun, sand and sea! 

When you think of Singapore, you tend to picture the spectacular skyline, the iconic Merlion, the world-class Singapore Zoo, the futuristic Gardens by the Bay or the more recent marvel, Jewel Changi. A beach does not come to mind at all. I think it is a well-established fact that Singapore does not have good beaches to its credit. If you look at neighboring Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand which are all well-renowned beach destinations, then Singapore falls short. But then again, the island does not promote itself as a beach destination (and rightly so!). 

Singapore is one of the world's busiest ports and extensive land reclamation has resulted in many man-made beaches. In any beach on the island, it is common to see numerous ships and vessels dotting the horizon, the waters are not as clean or clear, the sand isn't as fine or powdery as you would hope for, the waves are virtually non-existent and there have been reports of jellyfish sightings. As a result of all this, water sports aren't all that popular and neither is sunbathing. 

But as is human nature, we make do with what we have and so, trips to the beach are a popular weekend activity with Singaporean families especially those with young children. 

Of all the beaches in Singapore, my favourite would have to be Tanjong Beach, tucked away on Sentosa Island. This beach happens to be a family favourite as it serves as a secluded getaway from the hullabaloo of the city. 

The placid sea, tame waves, relatively clear waters, shady palm trees and surrounding greenery makes it a picturesque spot. 

Don't you agree?

Unlike the other two Sentosa beaches, Siloso and Palawan, Tanjong beach has fewer commercial activities, making it the perfect destination for people who like to take a dip in the shallow waters, laze around, read a book, or take as leisurely stroll along the coastline.

The girls had their term break holidays and on a impulse, I and my husband decided to take the day off and turn it into a family outing. Knowing our daughters proclivity to go to Sentosa, we decided to take them to Tanjong beach. 

Visiting Sentosa beaches on weekdays doesn't require a reservation. You can tell why right? 😃

The sun was out in formidable force but despite the risk of sunburn, I was mostly glad because the past few weeks had seen gloomy skies and incessant rain. All of us slathered on liberal amounts of sunblock and took full advantage of the sunny day.

I must say that the sun made the sea look a little extra pretty (in all my time, I haven't seen the water of any Singapore beach look that cerulean shade of blue!). Like they say - make hay (read: blog post) while the sun shines! 😜

I had packed the girls beach toys so off they went taking turns frolicking in the water and building wells and sandcastles. After months of gaining confidence with different swimming strokes in the swimming pool, it was the first time they actually tried swimming in the sea and they were thrilled to bits! 

The advantage of having this small crescent like bay with shallow waters and a lack of strong currents is that you can rest easy with little ones around knowing that they are safe. 

Tanjong beach is a great spot for playing frisbee, beach volleyball, swimming, fishing, board surfing, and kayaking. I even saw a pair of dog walkers who brought a pack of dogs and the canines seemed to having the time of their lives splashing enthusiastically in the cool water. 

As for me, I was just happy taking pictures and going on a long stroll whilst trying to find seashells (predictably, there aren't that many) for the girls.

Towels, swimwear and accessories are available on rent from onsite beach stalls. The beach is equipped with separate washrooms and indoor and outdoor showers to facilitate visitors.

The Tanjong Beach Club & Restaurant is situated on Tanjong beach. It is known to be a haven for connoisseurs of food and drink as well as revelers. The upscale bistro grub, refreshing cocktails and chill vibe draws the youngsters to this swanky beach-side joint. 

The part of the beach closer to Tanjong beach club (Zone 1) is more crowded. As you move away from there (Zone 2), the buzz dies down and it gets more cloistered.  

We reached the beach at around 10am that morning and were there till around 12pm. Our children had the most amazing time! As noon approached, I could see grey clouds slowly creeping into the sky and decided that it was time to leave. 

Looking back, we were incredibly lucky! The minute we got home, the skies opened up and a thunderstorm began that lasted all evening. 

We had reserved a table at Tanjong Beach Club for lunch but had managed to secure only outdoor seating. After so long in the scorching sun, we really didn't feel like sitting outside so we cancelled the reservation and instead retreated to the cool comfort of Kwee Zeen at Sofitel Resort & Spa. Having enjoyed a wonderful staycation at the resort just a few months ago during the twins birthday, we were all happy to be back there again. 

I'm pretty sure we will be back at Tanjong beach during the June school holidays! 

Tanjong Beach is a hit with those who treasure its tranquility and solitude. Here, you can while away the hours in the sun & sea, a favourite book and a gentle breeze for company. If the sun is too much for you during the day, it would be a good idea to visit earlier in the morning on weekdays or else in the evening when this serene stretch of beach is bathed in twilight and the glittering lights of nearby ships serve as a magical backdrop.

If you are concerned about the water quality, know that the National Environmental Agency routinely assesses the quality of Singapore's recreational beaches along with an advisory based on the levels of enterococcus bacteria measured in the water. You can always check the status here before going. 

As a general rule, it is advisable to avoid going into the water after heavy rain and to stay away from water activities when feeling unwell, having open sores or skin infections. 

Tanjong Beach

Opening hours:
7am - 10pm

Weekends & PHs: 8am- 7pm (Beach Booking Required)
Session 1: 8am - 1pm
Session 2: 2pm - 7pm
Sentosa Pavilion (Sapphire Pavilion, Emerald Pavilion): 8am to 7pm

Getting there:

The easiest way to access the beach is by car (park at the Tanjong 1 or 2 Car Park) or you can take a taxi to Tanjong Beach Club and walk from there

By Public Transport
  • From Harbourfront MRT Station, head on to VivoCity Level 3.
  • Get on the Sentosa Monorail to the Beach Station, which is the last stop.
  • Head down to the bus station. You will see a tram station on the left that heads to Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.
  • Hop on that tram and sit all the way till you see Tanjong Beach Club. The tram will stop at a station right outside that's less than a 5 minutes walk.

Which is your favourite beach in Singapore? Leave a comment to let me know!



  1. Hey, thank you for sharing your experience. I'm just heading there with a friend. Do you know if we can bring food and wine with us to the beach here?

    1. Hi there. Thanks for leaving a comment. I think you should be able to bring food and wine to the beach :) Have a great day!


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