Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Photo Gallery: Home Sweet Home

A few weeks ago, I was getting a little weary of the same routine I go through every day and picked up my camera and started shooting random things around my home. There are a few corners of my home that I kinda like (and a few that I don't....but pray why would I photograph those?!) so I designated them to be my models for the day. Photographing subjects in broad daylight isn't something I find challenging. However, I am still unable to take respectable photos indoors (especially in low-light conditions) so that is an area I am striving to improve on. My little ones happened to nap much longer than usual that particular morning so I unexpectedly got some time to myself. Later that evening as the clock chimed 5:30pm signaling that it was time to head out for our daily stroll, I thought why not take my camera with me there too. Usually I strap the twins in their double stroller and walk by the canal that is behind my home up until we reach a small park where they like to keenly observe the children playing. But since it had been drizzling/raining pretty frequently in the evenings the past few days, I resigned to taking them a few rounds within the campus of our condominium. That particular day didn't seem like we would be facing the wrath of the rain gods but it was quite warm even though the sun had gone down so I decided to stick to staying within the confines of the estate.

Previously, I had compiled a photo tour of the garden at my in-laws and parents homes so I thought why not do one on my own as well! The girls didn't mind as I clicked a few pictures here and there and they even seemed quite interested in what I was doing! Of course it isn't the same as when I have all the time in the world to leisurely shoot whatever catches my fancy so the pictures aren't anything out of the ordinary. The landscape of the property is indeed picturesque although I couldn't do it the justice it deserved. 

Anyway, since I am admittedly an amateur photographer, I decided to go ahead and include these photographs in my photo gallery collection. Maybe when the day comes when I leave Singapore for good, I can look at these pictures and fondly remember the wonderful life that I lived here ☺ 

All righty then....lets get started!


These are some photos taken inside my home. I have chronicled more about my experiences as a first-time homeowner in a previous post. There was a time when our home looked like a grown-up dwelling as opposed to the drool-spattered disneyland it has turned into lately! is as if we are living with two St. Bernards and Walt Disney stopped by to puke all over the place (even our Kleenex boxes have pictures of Mickey Mouse on them!). But we have somehow managed to demarcate the kids play areas from the rest of the residence so things don't appear so drastically different.

I love everything to do with home decor and in the past, me and my husband have picked up unique and quirky pieces for the house from our travels. Books are my favourite accessory (as you can probably tell!) and normally, there are books at every corner of my home even though we have a sizeable bookcase in one of the the guest rooms. I am also obsessed with fresh flowers and indoor plants (although we haven't had much luck with that). I keep changing things around the house so redecorating is something I do whenever I have some free time. I'm currently big on Indian ethnic decor but have not incorporated elements of it into my home, choosing to leave it in the contemporary style it already is. Anyway, I may do something about it in the future and update this post when I do!

No prizes for guessing the one photo that showcases my most precious possessions! 


These were taken outside my home within the premises of our condo. There are a variety of colourful flowers and plants which I had completely failed to notice before. It is funny how the hustle and bustle of daily life makes you blind to the small but joyous things that lie right before you.

Well, better late than never I guess! 

So that wraps up my home photogallery series. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Which photograph did you like the best? Let me know your thoughts.

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Till we meet again....


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