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Sleep Like a Baby with ErgoLush Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Product review

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It is a well-established fact that getting enough of quality sleep during the night is crucial for our long-term health and well being. 

Before I had kids, I could sleep like a log. I was able to drift off to sleep easily, enjoyed prolonged periods of deep sleep and managed to even sleep through noise. I wistfully remember the years I used to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep at night. All through my teenage years and early twenties, I would retire to bed by 10:30pm (latest by 11pm) and rise by 6:30am. The regular sleep schedule coupled with good quality of sleep meant that I never ever felt sleep-deprived (even during stressful examination times!).

As the years went by, I started staying up late at night (the husband's bad habit brushed off on me!) and waking up earlier (to get some exercise in and then dash to work). My nightly sleep reduced to about 6 and a half hours. I could still function normally and never felt like sleep was an issue.

Fast forward to today - if I get 6 hours of sleep at night, I consider it a personal victory 😕 Most days it is about 5 hours and 30 minutes. I know this because of the sleep tracking function offered by my Fitbit. I do have some good nights but those are few and far between.

The drop in the quality of sleep began during my pregnancy and after the twins were born, it progressed to full-fledged insomnia. I'm assuming it was the cocktail of surging hormones coupled with motherhood anxiety and round-the-clock nursing that put my internal clock out of whack. And the change, unfortunately, hasn't been transient. Since the past five years or so, it takes me much longer to drift off to sleep, I'm sensitive to the slightest of sounds, I awaken multiple times each night and at times, getting back to sleep takes a herculean effort. I often wake up feeling tired and as the day progresses, the feeling only intensifies and I find it hard to focus on the task at hand. Feeling really, truly rested is a luxury to me now.

Don't get me wrong, my children themselves are not to blame for my predicament. They have been terrific sleepers since the time they were 5 months old. I haven't even been sleeping in the same room as them since the past 2 years but still, good quality sleep continues to evade me. I am generally a happy, healthy and active person with little to no stress in my life so this is something that I just can't comprehend. It is one area of my life that I have been striving to improve but with little success. 

That being said, no one is a perfect sleeper. All of us wake up at some point between sleep cycles, or to use the bathroom, adjust to a more comfortable position, and a certain amount of waking during the night is normal and to be expected. But fragmented sleep and insomnia are problems that hamper the quality of life and have to be taken seriously. 

So when the kind folks at SleepWiz contacted me to review their Ergo Lush Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, given my history, I felt like I was the perfect candidate to do so! 

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SleepWiz is a company that aims to help Singaporeans sleep better and feel amazing the next day.  In today's stressful world, that is a pretty good enterprise if you ask me!

Their top-selling ErgoLush 2-inch Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper molds into a supportive cradle in the shape of the body, which prevents excessive load-bearing by the hips/shoulders and diffuses this supportive pressure evenly along every square inch of the body. Optimized mattress support also means the muscles of the back don’t have to stay tense to maintain proper alignment of the neck, spine, hips and knees giving a feeling of complete relaxation that may be described as floating on clouds in zero-gravity!

The ErgoLush mattress topper combines supportive memory foams with a unique gel infusion that keeps the mattress topper cool, giving an individual the amazing sensation of relaxation that is comparable to a luxurious hotel bed while in the comfort of one's own home. If you can imagine sleeping on a comfortable and supportive marshmallow - the muscles release and relax as the ErgoLush redistributes pressure to support the body, easing the strained muscles from a long tiring day.

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  • 2 inches (5.1cm) of conforming memory foam that redistributes supportive pressure from the heavier hips/shoulders to other body parts, preventing joint pain and tight muscles
  • The thermally conductive gel infused throughout the entire mattress topper keeps the body cool for unperturbed sleep, unlike basic open-cell memory foam
  • Air vents promote airflow within the mattress topper to keep it cool
  • Viscoelasticity of memory foam absorbs kinetic energy from movements so you remain blissfully asleep when your partner climbs into or out of bed
  • It protects your existing mattress from everyday wear and tear and costs a small fraction to replace

The product is currently available at discounted prices*

The Super Single (100cm x 200cm) is priced at $87.90
The Queen (150cm x 200cm) is priced at $119.90
The King (180cm x 200cm) is priced at $189.90

*As of 24th Feb 2019

I received the mattress topper on the 4th of February and put it to use immediately.  It fit perfectly over our existing queen-size mattress and there were straps to hold it in place.

My first impression was how comfortable it felt! The husband thought so too! The viscoelastic ErgoLush selectively softens in areas under high pressure, while remaining firm at others. The result is a mattress topper that feels soft, yet incredibly supportive. As the days went by, the alignment of the topper with our mattress did get slightly altered but re-aligning them wasn't such a big deal.

I take product reviews very seriously so I wanted to wait a few weeks before posting my review on the blog. I wanted to do a 'before' and 'after' comparison to see if the product really improved my overall sleep quality because that is something that genuinely matters to me. I didn't change my sleep schedule or incorporate any kind of new bedtime ritual because I did not want the results to be in the shadow of any kind of bias. I just went about my week as I always do. I collected data from my Fitbit app for a 2-3 week time period which showed the minutes spent in four cycles of sleep - awake, REM, Light and Deep and from this, I could draw a comparison between the pre and post mattress topper usage.



The change is not yet monumental but there definitely is a decrease in the percentage of time that I'm awake at night and an increase in the percentage of time that I am in deep sleep.

My weekly progress report from Fitbit also corroborated that my overall sleep duration had increased.



I am delighted that I found something to aid me in my journey towards achieving a good night's sleep. But I'm aware that I need to put more work into improving it. I do follow the good practices of exercising everyday and having dinner early. Apart from that, I'm still trying to establish a proper sleep schedule (especially on weekends!) and am yet to exercise the self-imposed ban on staying away from electronic devices closer to bed time (my Achilles heel!).

I must admit that through all of this, the thought of changing my mattress never crossed my mind. If you think about it, a mattress investment can be a big one. If you want a quality product with good durability expectations, you have to fork out a considerable amount of cash. If that is not something you want to do, a product like the ErgoLush Mattress Topper is extremely affordable while still providing some of the key benefits that a memory foam mattress does. 

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Here is a summary of my thoughts on buying the ErgoLush Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper,
  • If your existing mattress is either too firm or too soft, this mattress topper is a great choice. It can prove to be an excellent way to customize your firmness
  • It isn't your best bet if your mattress is sagging
  • It can efficiently revive your existing mattress if it still is in good condition 
  • The price is very reasonable so if you want luxury on a budget and are not considering long-term durability, this product would be ideal for you

The ErgoLush mattress topper is available for purchase from the company’s webpage here. If you buy now you can get FREE shipping within Singapore. Note that there is also a 7-day free trial for all SleepWiz customers.

I highly recommend this product!

A big thank you SleepWiz for this collaboration 😊


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of review. I have not received any monetary compensation to write a positive review. All opinions are honest and my own. 


  1. Hi do you think this topper work for a springy low quality mattress? My bed is good for me but my husband is heavier than me and he can feel the springs on our existing bed. Wondering if this is suitable to firm up the spots in your opinion.

    1. Hi there! Yes I would think so. If you want to prolong the life of your current mattress and do not want to purchase a new one, this is a good option.

  2. Nice post thanks for sharing it. Selecting the perfect mattress according to your need is very important for health.

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