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Review: Shepherd's Pie Singapore

Today, let's talk savoury pies!

So, when you hear of Shepherd's Pie, the image that conjures in your mind will probably be of a savoury meat-based pie and you would indeed be correct. This humble pie of English origin is a ground meat pie with a crust or topping of mashed potato. But then, you may wonder, are “Shepherd’s Pie” and “Cottage Pie” the same thing? The two terms tend to be thrown about loosely but from a historical perspective, there is a difference. 

If you assumed that Shepherd's Pie may have had something to do with shepherds, then you are not mistaken! Traditionally, Shepherd’s Pies have been made with sheep or lamb meat. It was a resourceful way the wives of the shepherds would reuse leftovers from the previous night's dinner. Earlier recipes for Shepherd’s Pies included unexpected ingredients such as raisins, nutmeg, oranges, currants, and even artichokes. Aside from the lamb which serves as the main protein, Shepherd’s Pies also usually come topped with creamy mashed potatoes. But the mashed potatoes aren't just an afterthought. They can actually determine how good the pie is! Apart from being moist and flavourful, the creamy mashed potato layer ought to stay integrated with the rest of the pie in every bite. 

Unlike a Shepherd's Pie that is made from lamb meat, Cottage Pies contain beef as the main protein. They date further back and it is believed that the term Cottage Pie has been in use since the 1700s. Traditional Cottage Pies did not use potatoes, they instead used other kinds of pastry as toppings, similar to fruit pies. The pastry would line the bottom of the dish and over the meat filling. Cottage Pies were also commonly referred to as mince pies as the meat used were often minced.

Much like its close cousin, Cottage Pies were the invention of housewives to repurpose leftovers. Having originated from a poorer section of England, it was an ingenious way of making sure no meat would be wasted. It served as a meal plan that helped families stretch out their food while still having a hot meal to tuck into.

The global food scene has been constantly evolving. Soon, rustic mashed potatoes started getting replaced by fancier sliced potatoes layered over the meat. Sometimes the sliced potatoes would line the bottom of the dish and as time passed by, the sliced potatoes made an appearance on the top as well as bottom. With all the variations, the lines started getting blurred between Shepherd's and Cottage Pies.

Today, people use both terms interchangeably. The term Shepherd's Pie can now be used to refer to any meat pies – beef, lamb, chicken, etc. To meet the widening dietary requirements, there are even vegetarian versions of the Shepherd's Pie. And much to my astonishment, I even came across a Vegan Shepherd's Pie! Many of such recipes are amazing and have successfully managed to switch out the protein with plant-based goodness while still retaining the yumminess quotient of the pies! 

Shepherd's pie and Cottage pies are a good source of carbohydrates and protein. They are a well-loved symbol of comfort food especially in the West. Easy to put together, wholesome and satisfying, these pies have become a staple for family dinners in many parts of the world. 

In Singapore, the increasing trend of featuring Shepherd's Pie in restaurant menus reflect the growing global popularity of this dish. 

Shepherd's Pie Singapore

Image Source: Shepherd's Pie Singapore

Shepherd's Pie Singapore is an online store that has been around since 2011. They offer classic Shepherd's Pies and some modern twists in-keeping with the times. You can choose from beef, chicken or even vegetarian versions. There are some interesting Mac 'n' Cheese variations. 

If you are craving a comforting Shepherd's Pie, all you have to do is browse the enticing gallery of pies, place an order with the click of a button and sit back and relax while your freshly made, warm pie is brought to your doorstep within 60 minutes. 

They have different kinds of pies and there is something for everyone. 

Image Credit: Owari Photography

I teamed up with Best In Singapore, your one-stop destination for the best deals and trends in Singapore to review Shepherd's Pie Singapore. You can check out their recommendation for the 5 Best Pie Delivery in Singapore

I ordered the Garden Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie and Parmesan Truffle Fries to go along with it. Unfortunately for me, the Sienna's Traditional Lasagna containing spinach and ricotta was not available. It looked like something that would have been right up my alley! 

While ordering your pies, you can choose from two sizes,
Massive – 800g, good for 4-5 pax
Medium – 400g, good for 2-3 pax

I selected according to how much I thought was needed for my family of four. The ordering process was a cinch, the delivery was done on time and the food came nicely packed. 

Although a Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie sounds strange, I must tell you that it was indeed quite good. If you ask me, assorted vegetables in a tasty sauce topped with mashed potatoes and cheese, should totally be a thing! 

The cheese topped creamy mashed potato layer was moreish, the vegetables (a medley of pumpkin, zucchini, peas and cauliflower)  were tender and distributed in a mildly spiced, nicely balanced and flavourful sauce. 

In all honesty, the truffle fries would have been better eaten fresh and piping hot. They are not the ideal candidate for home delivery. But we still polished them off. They are fries after all! 

Features of this delivery service:

  • Premium ingredients used
  • Island-wide delivery available
  • Delivery charge is $7.50 per delivery but FREE delivery for orders above $70
  • Delivery is done within 1 hour
  • At an additional $5 charge, specific time delivery can be arranged
  • 3 days advance notice is required to prepare the ingredients for custom orders 
  • Frozen pies can be delivered on request

If you are hosting a party or a gathering, you could seriously consider Shepherd's Pie Singapore for a fuss-free way to feed your guests and put a smile on their faces! Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching too...which makes this service perfect for the occasion. 

Customer Service

Open Daily: 10am – 11pm Daily, including PH

HQ Kitchen: 5 Guillemard Rd, Singapore 399685

General Enquiries:

Marketing Collaborations:

For delivery enquiries please contact us at : +65 6974-7741





Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary pie for the purpose of this review. I have not accepted any monetary compensation in return for this review. All opinions are my own. 

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