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The Fruit Hut: Bringing Nature's Bounty to You!

Review + Recipe + Giveaway

Fruits are nature's bounty that can fulfill our sweet cravings. Fruits are naturally low in fat, calories and contain key nutrients that are beneficial for health. They are a great option for breakfast, snack or dessert. Grab them, wash them, eat them! It does not get more simple than that 😊

Fruits are incredibly versatile. If you don't want to eat them in their natural form, you can turn them into juice, smoothies, dips, chutneys or spreads. You can top them over cereal or a salad. You can turn them into refreshing popsicles for a summer treat. You can put them on skewers and grill them. You can put them in desserts. The sky's the limit really!

My almost-six year old twin daughters have an undeniable sweet tooth. Left to their own devices, they will probably follow their peers and reach for highly processed sugary snacks when hunger pangs strike. As a parent, it is up to me to steer them towards good eating habits to pave the way for sensible food choices during their adulthood and this is a responsibility I take very seriously. Fortunately, the girls have loved fruits since they were babies so I do not put a limit on the amount of fruits they eat in a day. They are used to having a small serving of fruit alongside every meal and sometimes as a snack as well. Needless to say, my bi-weekly grocery trips involve buying copious amounts of fruit! 

But now, especially during these trying Covid-19 times, I try my best to limit my trips to the grocery store. Even though I do a substantial part of our grocery shopping online, I am a traditionalist at heart and prefer to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs myself. I have this fundamental need to see, touch and smell the produce before I deem them worthy of buying! 

But what if you have a dedicated service that offers you a wide selection of premium quality fruits, brings them to your doorstep and even offers a 100% replacement guarantee in case you get a bad fruit....I'd say that is enough to convince me to give it a try! 

For your fresh fruit needs, look no further than The Fruit Hut, Singapore's #1 largest fruit delivery service! This fruit delivery service was brought to my attention by Best In Singapore, your one-click destination for the latest deals and trends in Singapore. 

The Fruit Hut sources an assortment of fruits from around the world. Stone fruits, citrus fruits, berries, tropical fruits, seasonal fruits, even a few types of vegetables are available. 

You have guavas from Taiwan, pomelo, rambutan, dragonfruit and soursop from Malaysia, strawberries, sapphire grapes, nectarines and avocados from Australia, figs from Turkey, kiwis from New Zealand and melons from Spain among many more! 

Image Credit: Owari Photography
Image Credit: Owari Photography

You also have fruits in different shape and forms!

Image Credit: Owari Photography

The reason the fruits from The Fruit Hut are so fresh is because they have a cold room facility which keeps the fruits at their maximum freshness and out of Singapore's warm and humid weather. 

Image Source: The Fruit Hut

Image Source: The Fruit Hut

Image Source: The Fruit Hut

What you can expect from this service,

  • 80 varieties of only the finest fruits from the best farms worldwide
  • With 8 storage units and order packing stations strategically located island-wide, your orders will arrive at your doorstep within 2 hours
  • Receive $20 off any late orders
  • Enjoy Free island-wide delivery with orders above $60

The website is easy to navigate and I was impressed with the collection of fruits they have. So, what did I order? A couple of the kids favourites - bananas, mango, strawberries, seedless black grapes and longan. For myself I ordered a custard apple, guava, passion fruit and pears (to share with my husband of course 😅). 

I was a bit worried about the ripeness of the bananas and mango in particular....these are fruits I always buy myself after careful inspection. The fruits arrived at the scheduled time slot and was carefully packed. I was also delighted to note that my fears about the ripeness were allayed. 

Fruits don't last very long in my household! Like I said, my children are human fruit bats and they consume 3-4 servings of fruit per day. I have also recently made a habit of packing a portion of fruit in my lunchbox everyday which has substantially increased the consumption. 

Now doesn't that look like art on a plate?

To be honest, I had no idea there would be that many passion fruit! I ordered the purple variety which are slightly tart but also sweet. There was a helpful note attached. 

I immediately thought of using it to make juice and then dessert. But then again, they were so irresistible that I scooped the pulp out to eat just like that, drizzled over other fruits and in my morning oatmeal (to give it a tropical flair) as well. 

The first time I made passion fruit juice, it was such a big hit with my kids that I had to make it again and then I didn’t have any remaining for dessert! Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the recipe for fresh passion fruit juice that I made with the fruits ordered from The Fruit Hut.

The strawberries were among some of the best we have tasted in recent times. Ruby red and unusually sweet. My kids were very satisfied with them indeed!

The custard apple (also called sugar apple or sweetsop) was good. The flavor if this fruit when ripe is sweet and pleasant, akin to the taste of 'traditional' custard. It brought back so many memories from my childhood back in my home town of Mysore (India) where a rented house we lived in had a custard apple tree in the garden which produced a large yield of these fruits. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the fruit back then, over the years, I have slowly acquired a taste for this unique fruit.

The black seedless grapes and longan were amazingly sweet as I had hoped. Along with the perfectly ripe yet firm bananas, they were the first of the fruit to be polished off by my kids.

The mangoes were good too. Even though they didn’t have a deep color, they had a firm texture, nice fragrance and were a pleasant mix of tart and sweet.

We enjoyed the pink guava the “Indian way” with a sprinkling of salt and red chilli powder….try it if you haven’t yet! It is really good folks. 

Keep in mind especially during Covid-19 times that guava can be considered a “superfruit” as it is extraordinarily rich in vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants. 

The only fruit that were not all that sweet or juicy were the pears. I didn’t mind it so much though. I kept them for myself as a late afternoon snack to last a week.

In general, I was really happy with the service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. 

Fruit Hut Customer Service

Delivery operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM to 11PM

Store Opening Hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM to 10PM

Store address: 
19 Lorong 12
Singapore 398999

General enquiries:

And now it's time for a recipe! 

Passion fruit juice

Tropical, fruity, slightly tart yet sweet, refreshing and utterly delicious!


3-4 ripe passion fruit (I used the purple variety)
3 tbsp sugar
3 cups water

To serve:
A few cubes of ice
A few sprigs of fresh mint


1. Cut the passion fruit in half and scoop out the pulp with a spoon
2. Add the passion fruit pulp, sugar and water in a blender and blend till smooth
3. Strain the juice with a sieve to remove the large seed bits. A few black specs will remain in the juice but that is alright.
4. Serve in glasses with ice cubes and a sprig of mint
5. Enjoy cold!


  • You get two varieties of passion fruits. The yellow and the purple - you could use either. Note that the yellow variety tends to be more tart than the purple one.
  • You know when a passion fruit is ripe when the skin is wrinkled
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Good luck!


Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary box of fruits of my choosing for the purpose of this review but I have not accepted any monetary compensation to write this review. All opinions are honest and my own.  

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